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What do you think of ATI testing?

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Anyone attend a school where ATI testing is used? What are your thoughts? Did it help you prepare for the NCLEX? Our school has changed curriculum, there is an "old" group and a "new" group. The new group had to pay for ATI. The old group, my group, paid a much smaller fee to access a more limited resoures. We can access the manuals online and we have access to the assessment test. I just want to know what your thoughts are about this resource and if it was helpful for you. Thanks!


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We use the ATI materials and I really can not say that it helps at all on any of the tests I have taken:twocents: I do well with the material from our textbooks. I have heard that they are a good predictor on if a person will pass the NCLEX but I don't know.


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it sound like u go to my school... My prof. said if you read the books and watch the video's we should be successful on ATI... That lady on ATI trip me out!! how she turn her head...:lol2: Is she a nurse? and you can tell she is reading from a teleprompter..lol:yawn:


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UGH... The ATI is ok but way overpriced for the product. The books basically give you in a nutshell what the textbooks do so it is a great review but at this point it's just ok.

This semester we had to pay $120 and the remaining 3 semesters we have to pay $83 each semester for the materials.

At first I hated the ATI, but now that I know much more it seems to help out when I'm studying for an upcoming test. I also use the books as they tend to hit the "important" stuff, so when I'm studying via textbooks I refer to the ATI books as well.


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Same here! I really hated ATI and thought it was a complete waste of time. I thought it made the teachers feel better about themselves mostly because if there were low scores on the proctored tests, my school just made us turn in a non proctored with a passing score. There was no remediation....drove me nuts.

But! now we're taking the 3 hour predictor and it shows the strengths and weaknesses that you have... it's great. the downside.... it's 3 hours!! but it's good to see where you stand.

I always hate when everyone is finished and dying to know everyone else's score.

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