What to take on a job interview?


I'm a graduate nurse trying to prepare for my first nursing job interview. I was wondering if there is anything I should prepare to take with me, besides a copy of my resume on nice paper. Should I put together a portfolio of some sort? And if so what kind of things would I put in it?

Any advice would be great!


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think about typing up a cover letter along with your resume & it looks good to type up references in professional way :)


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Oh, thanks sj73201, that's great advice!!


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I would take a pen and a notebook. You can use it to jot down any information they tell you in the interview. You can also jot down any questions you have for your potential employer ahead of time so you don't forget in the moment.

Good luck!


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I always took a folio with a note pad and paper. This way if you want to jot something down to bring up later or want to remind yourself of some question that something one of the interviewers brought up you have a way to remember it. I also tend to get excited/nervous and forget names, so I'll jot down a name and title discretely on a back page. I like having a way to note something about the job/interview/facility that I liked or didn't like or some other info that might be helpful to me to make a decision. This is good especially if you have more than one interview.

I keep a couple of copies of my resume, a cover letter and at least a list of reference names/numbers so I have them if needed during or after the interview. The folio keeps my papers in good shape and one place and it gives me a place to put business cards and info from the employer as well.

Good luck!! :D

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I would take in your folder the following:

Copy of your resume

Your references

Your nursing license

Your CPR card

Any other applicable certifications

(Brownie points for having already xeroxed these items onto one piece of paper to go in your file)

Also bring copies of your vaccines and TB tests.

If they like you they may want these things to move further along in the hiring process.

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you're welcome :) glad i can help. I was also gonna suggest having your license & cpr on hand or have copies, just in case they want to move on past the interview! good luck!!

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I always had my resume on those nice sheets of sandstone paper (a light color, nothing too dark) to hand to HR. Cheap at Kinkos or wherever. Just have it available in a folder, and like the others said, license, birth certificate, CPR certification, driver's license.

I always ask what I need to bring just incase before the interview, as well.


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good to know. doing my first job search too!