What does it take to be a Great L&D RN?

Specialties Ob/Gyn


we often are asked this question by nurses considering changing specialties, so...

what do YOU all think?

I graduated in May of 1996 from an ADN program and landed my "dream Job" shortly after. Even while I was in nursing school, I had a srtong desire to be an L&D RN, in fact, nothing else held my attention like L&D. So, four years and two hospitals later, I'm still doing what I love. It's my passion, and I like to say that I have the best job in the whole world. There isn't any other field of nursing quite like it, and I want to encourage you to "Go For It". It won't be perfect, and there are many nights I'm hiding out in an empty birthing room finishing my charting, I hardly ever get a lunch break or just a 15 minute break,

it's very demanding physically to the point where I'm sore the next day, and it's very tough work mentally as well. But, I love it. I can't see myself doing any other type of nursing. All of this to say, if you're thinking of changing specialties, make sure it's something you want to do and something that will hold your interest. Our lives are too short to have a job that you hate going to everyday.

I am a nursing student at Lee College in Baytown TX and I am headed to specialize in maternal-neonatal nursing. It's my passion. I can't wait until I get there. Even though I can't speak from experience yet, I can say that I totally understand what this person is saying. If anyone has any info I could use, then e-mail me at ANYTIME!..


~Kerrie Williams~~

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