What does it take to be accepted into an accelerated BSN program?


Hello, I've been looking at about 30 schools in the northeast that offer an accelerated BSN program, but I can not get a sense of which schools I could reasonably get into. I can find general undergraduate acceptance rates, but I don't think those apply for the accelerated BSN. The admissions department will only tell me that I need a GPA above a certain number, an essay, completed pre reqs, and references, that's it. But besides being smart, what do these schools really look for, I would expect a lot of work experience, is this true?

I was wondering if any of you out there who were accepted into an accelerated program at some point, preferably in NY, MD, PA, NJ, or VA (where I will be applying) would share with me how much work experience or other experience in nursing you had prior to getting accepted, as well as anything else that made you appeal to these programs.

I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.7 from Vassar College, but I have no actual work experience in the health care industry. My 'nursing related' experience stems from the environment in which I was raised. My mom is a doctor and took me everywhere with her, to deliveries, to make rounds, to medical conferences, etc. So I actually have a fairly good understanding of the health care industry from these experiences, but I don't know if that will be enough.

I'm really trying to get a sense of what schools I should apply to; is The Johns Hopkins an option for me? or a school with an acceptance rate of above 80% more appropriate? I have no idea where I fall in relation to other applicants.

Thanks so much for sharing any insight you can. :wink2:


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I got accepted to Duke with a 3.82 from Baylor. I had worked as a doula and they really seemed to like that in the interview.... I would try and volunteer somewhere before you apply to the top programs- I think they want to know you know what you are getting into with nursing :) Write a strong personal statement so they know that you understand what it takes to be a nurse (as much as you can looking in of course). Duke also wanted to know why we wanted to go to Duke's particular program. So do your research and let them know why their program is for you. I think you have a shot at the top schools if you get above 1000 on your GRE, volunteer a little bit, and write a good personal statement. Good luck!


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I haven't been accepted yet, but seems to want shadowing/volunteer work that demonstrates that you know what you're getting in to, rather than just telling them "sure, I'd love to be a nurse!" They want to know that you understand what a nurse is and does.

My current experience is health-care related - EMT training, Pharmacy technician, home health aide, research assistant during my first BS degree, and now working in administrative sectors in NIH (NHGRI). I really stressed the fact that I've done a lot to learn about the different aspects of health-care to make my decision about becoming a nurse - which I have.

If you don't have work experience, I'd say try to get in a local hospital somewhere to volunteer. I noticed that most volunteering in the VA hospitals that I've called seems to be greeting and carting patients around. If you can make contact with the ED nurse director, or a surgical nurse director, you may be able to shadow, which is what I did as an application for a job as a scrub tech and I'm now using as shadowing experience because I learned so much from those nurses!

George Mason in VA is also a very good school and has an accelerated program, and they seem to have slightly less rigorous entry rules (min gpa is 2.75). I'd be happy to talk to you about the schools in my area if you want.

I can also reply again by October 1 and tell you if what I have got me into Georgetown! :eek:

[ETA] Oops, looks like I repeated advice from the poster before me, but I think it's good advice! Get to know why you want to be a nurse, and be able to back it up with volunteer work. It's really important to know you want this in order to succeed in these programs, from what I've heard!

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