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I received my nursing license June 19th! I was unable to get a job at the hospital I was employed during nursing school due to there was no openings for nurses in my department. I started working in a SNF and soon was offered a job as a DON in a assisted living home. I recently was offered a job at the hospital I was working at during nursing school. I don't know what I should do. I love both equally! I dreamed of working at the hospital all through nursing school. I also feel bad to leave my current job due to I have really amazing co-workers. I feel that I don't have all the necessary skills needed for my current job. I really feel that I need to work in the hospital to obtain the clinical skills. The position I now hold is a mon-fri 5-9 job. I am also on-call everyday. All I do is push paperwork in my current position and that really doesn't satisfy me, I love to get my hands dirty. I know if I work at the hospital I will be required to work every other weekend and the department I will be working in will mean I will be working any time between 8am and 11pm. If I go to the hospital I will be taking a pay cut as well. I'm I crazy for thinking of changing jobs? I feel so conflicted.


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I think this depends on where you want to end up in the long run. If SNF or LTC are not your end goals then get out now while you still can. I have heard that after spending too much time in LTC you kind of get pigeon holed and are no longer desirable to hospitals. Not to say you would never get a hospital job later, but it would be much harder for you since you would have no acute care experience. GL with your decision.

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I think you answered your own question when you said that you like to get your hands dirty and do not feel satisfied pushing papers!! Also, as mrsboots stated if you stay too long in LTC you will get labeled as a LTC nurse and it will be harder for you to get a position in acute care. If you are willing to take the jump, and can afford a pay cut, then go to the hospital. The opportunities at the hospital will be greater, you will be constantly learning things and you will get your hands dirty!! Good Luck!!