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Hello everyone,

after reviewing a job posting I applied for an employment position. The job description sounded pretty good, a new area for me. I went through the interview and was offered the position. I accepted the position. I was first presented with a contract which was favourable which I signed. I was then presented with another contract which is no longer favourable, I did not sign. Also the duties are a lot more than I anticipated. I am not sure what direction to go. I have turned down a few job offers if hopes of finding something that I enjoy. I feel confident that I will find employment that is wonderful and fulfills all my needs. What would you do in this position.

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Personally, if I were in a position where I could comfortably walk away from that job, I would do the following:

Go to the HR person, or whoever was responsible for the revised contract, and state "These are not the terms that I agreed to when I accepted this position. Does this mean you are not going to honor the initial contract we both agreed upon and signed?" If they say that they will not, then I would inform them that I consider that they have breached their agreement, and therefore I am no longer obligated to them, nor are they to me. I would inform them that I would not list them as an employer, nor use them as a reference, and expect that they will take no negative action against me.

Then I would quickly find another position.

I think they think because of the economy, that people will not walk away from the job.

If they will honor the initial contract that you signed, then you also must honor that contract, regardless of whether you like the conditions as much as you thought you would or not, however - you agreed to the contract terms.

My :twocents:.

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How long after you joined this company were you offered the other contract? If it is not favorable, do not sign it! Don't know about your country's laws but in mine it would be grounds for a labor court case. If they start putting pressure on you to sign the second contract, see a lawyer. In fact, I would have a legal adviser read your first contract to make sure there isn't any fine print or obscurely-worded phrases that you might have missed. Good luck.

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