What does your stomach look like?


Weird question, I know. But since becoming a CNA I've definitely developed arm and shoulder muscles. My stomach seems bigger too, underneath the little bit of chub I have. I wonder if that means I've built muscle there or if I just need to lay off the chocolate (ok I know I need to lay off the chocolate anyway :D ). I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar change. I do use my abs a lot when lifting because I know that's supposed to help support your back but maybe I've been doing it wrong.


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I'm working as CNA at hospital for 2 weeks now and my tummy area is still the same but I've been checking my weight at the standing scale in our floor and I've lost 2 lbs in since I started working.


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I would love to answer that question, but I'm six months pregnant, and my stomach has only grown since working as a cna. But, I have notice more muscle tone in my legs and arms. :up:


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Hey, Fuzzy! Hope you're doing well. When I worked LTC, I noticed that my pants got looser around the waist, although I gained five pounds. Since I started working at the hospital, a lot of factors have changed in my life and I've had to lose almost fifteen pounds, and I've found my abs again. Luckily, once I unearthed them, they were rock hard and I think it's from all the bending and lifting at my old facility. I have one of the strongest backs on my unit and I think it's because of those abs that developed at LTC. So, definitely not a weird question!

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Well, if you've developed new stomach muscles, but haven't done any cardio to decrease the amount of abdominal fat you've got, your stomach will most definitely look bigger.