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Okay, I hope this is the place to ask the question because I need help. I have decided the I would like to become a nurse, but I'm a little confused on the steps:uhoh3:. Can someone please tell me what I need to do. I will be going to San Jacinto in Pasadena TX. When I look up the RN class requirements it shows only a two year program. Am I looking in the right spot. Also how do I get accepted in the actual nursing program. Thank you in advance! I am going to try and go by and talk to a concealer on Monday just was hoping to get an idea of what I'll be told.


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This might be better answered in the TX forum? But generally, you take the pre-req's, and then apply to the program and hope u get in....


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I looked at your school, and it has a technical program for nursing - a 2 year AA degree. Which means you will be an RN, like everyone else, but you will not have a 4 year degree. Generally, for an AA in CA, you have to take all of the program pre-reqs and then "apply" for the nursing program. What this does is put your name in a lottery because the JCs here are so impacted. This may not be the case in TX. I would call your school to find out. You may be able to take your pre-reqs and go straight through as long as your GPA is sufficient.

One caveat, if you are intending to move back to California after you have your AA, it has become very difficult to get a job for new graduate nurses unless you had a clinical on the floor that you want to work on. So if you do go to school in TX, plan on working there for at least a year after you graduate. Get an externship (where you work for money during school) or an intership (where you work for credit) at a hospital where you want to work. That's the only way most people are getting jobs now.

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