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Hello everyone!

I'm currently a student at a community college, a chemistry major. I started at 17 as a running start student wanting to do pre-med. However, I struggled with getting good grades, specifically in Math/science courses and now have ended up with 2.5 gpa. I'm supposed to be graduating spring 2019 with the AS degree, however, I'm worried with such a low gpa that I have very little chance to even considered doing Medical school. So I've been looking to Nursing as an alternative and was wondering if it's wise for me to go to another community college and work towards an AS for nursing? When applying for a nursing program will they still look at my previous associate degree or the newest one?

2.5 GPA will get your application thrown in the trash for med school.

In my community college, the minimum prerequisite GPA to apply into the nursing school is 2.8, realistically the average GPA they end up pulling is closer to 3.5

When applying to a nursing program, contact the advisor to see how they calculate their application GPA (overall versus prerequisite classes only, best grade for retakes or averaged grade on retakes) and determine your path from there. Because every program is different, it's impossible to give you a definite answer.

Nursing school is VERY competitive and a 2.5 GPA won't cut it to make it into a nursing program. Nursing programs don't look at all of the classes you took, only the nursing prerequisites, and those vary school to school. But, if you're only going to do nursing as an "alternative" route, I wouldn't recommend doing nursing at all, I feel one should be passionate for it.

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