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What speciality would be good for me?

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Hi all! 

So I just graduated and got my nursing license and was wondering what RN job would be good for me?

Some background about me is that I worked as a CNA at a hospital on a tele floor full time while going to school full time. My floor will not be hiring me as I (supposedly) don’t have good time management and I am forgetful (I do have ADHD and managing 12+ patients is harder on me, but throughout clinical both instructors and patients were impressed with my care. I am able to handle four patients very well, five if they are more simple) although they appreciate that I am knowledgeable, a hard worker that picks up extra shifts frequently, and completes my work on time. Also, I love making a difference in the lives of patients even if it’s a short time. I pride myself on that as I have received countless star care card reviews from patients over the years I have worked at the hospital. I feel like some of the criticism is biased, but just based on those comments, plus the fact I would not like to work in a SNF what job options would be open to me? 

My ideal job would be working days either 12 hr shifts or (more preferably a 7-3 or 8-4 or 9-5) 8 hr shifts and would have me only focusing on a few patients at a time. 

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If your current unit will not hire you, that's a pretty bad sign. Its good you have figured out how to manage your ADHD.

I would suggest another med-tele unit at another hospital. It is unlikely you wil get day shift.

You could also consider doing flu clinics or other outpatient clinic nursing.

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