What would you do in this situation?


Im a military spouse and we just came down with orders to move overseas mid July. Im currently on orientation on a med surg floor and I am off orientation end of May. I would need to stop working by mid June to start clearing out and preparing for our move. My issue is, I don't want to get off orientation just to work on the floor for 2 weeks LOL it just doesnt seem to make much sense to me. How can I go about talking to my manager on what the best route to do? I was thinking of maybe just offering to help out here and there when they need it. For instance, we have a lot of pt’s who need a 1 on 1 and that is taking techs and nurses away so im thinking of offering to help in that way until I can no longer work? Any advice is much appreciated!

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I would have a heart-to-heart with your manager ASAP.  You need to tell her exactly what is going on and offer to be of whatever use you can be to her before you leave.  She may need you to promptly resign, which you can do on good terms.  Your prompt leveling with her will go a long way for good will, good reference and rehirability.

Hopefully, she will be able to use your services in some capacity prior to your leaving.  But to sit on this information and Spring it at the last minute will just leave a bad taste.