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Hi, can anyone tell me if there are any board exams in NZ or Canada and whether new graduate positions are coordinated through an organisation or offered by separate institutions?


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Each province in Canada writes their own exam I believe. BC's nurse websites are rnabc.bc.ca and bcnu.bc.ca. I would suggest you go to those sites. As a foreigner you would probably have to have some guarantee of employment to come here. You would apply directly to a hospital, but first they would have to show that you are not taking a job away from a canadian nurse which can take time. Good luck.


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In NZ there is a national exam commonly known as "State" that you sit to become an RN at the completion of your course. I note that you are from NSW and if you are an RN in Australia, then you should have no trouble registering in NZ. You have to go through NZ Nurses' Council with your transcript of your study and registration in Australia to be approved for RN status here.

I know that 2 big hospitals I have worked for in the last year have new grad programmes. They were in Auckland and in Hamilton (1 1/2 hours drive south). There is not a national organisation that I am aware of that coordinates a programme. But thery seem to be done by the individual hospitals (health boards). Hope that helps.

If you are an Australian citizen/resident, you probably would not have any trouble working over here.

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Hi Doc, There is a notional exam for registered nurses. Go to the Canadian Nurses association web page to find out more. I know that the local health authority that I work for has hired RNs from Australia. It is Capital Health Authority Edmonton. They also have a web page. Hope this helps,



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Thanks for the replies. I actually wanted the information to help prepare for an upcoming chat forum on preparation to the workplace which is going to be held in the chat room at GreatNurse.com. I plan to have guest speakers from Australia, NZ, USA and Canada to give tips on how to do better in the board exams and interviews. So far I have two speakers on the NCLEX and am waiting for replies from people who are involved in the board exams and Australian New Graduate Nurse Consortium. This should turn out to be quite a good event. If you know anyone who is interested in speaking about board requirements other than in USA, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks. :)

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