What is required to get licensed, do I need finerprinting?

U.S.A. Massachusetts


I am a student that attend a school out of the state of Massachusetts , but i am looking to move to Massachusetts when i graduate and take the nclex!

I am wondering what is required i know the

licenses application ( and fee)

pearsonvue to take nclex ( and fee)

but am i required to get fingerprinted or background checked for this? **

(like other states require)

Also it says that after I receive my ATT i have 60 days to write for Nclex, does that mean after I register i have to take nclex in 60 days?

thanks for all the help

- student

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Yes, you are. They fingerprint you at the test site when you go to take NCLEX and you have to have a CORI done. Most jobs require a CORI prior to hiring too. My current job requires an annual one.

It means that once you receive your ATT, you have 60 days from that date to take NCLEX. What kind of program are you in? Jobs for new grads are few and far between in MA and there are dozens of nursing schools turning out 100s of grads every year that already have connections at all the area hospitals. I wouldn't suggest moving here without a job lined up.

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