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I had my first Cell Biol. Lecture/Lab today and I before class I was SO worried because the Professor listed was "STAFF". That is never reassuring, but it's even scarier when I dropped the same course last semester after the Prof. told us on the first day that we would need to do a weekly study group, re-write our notes after each lecture, and spend AT LEAST five nights a week studying for his class if we wanted to pass! He also told us that he had about a 50% drop rate for his students...must be a great teacher, huh :rolleyes: !

BUT, I was stressed for nothing! My *new* prof. is awesome, she says that about 90% of her students pass the class, and that she wants us to actually enjoy the semester. She said that if any of us get lost that she will schedule individual tutor time!!! I am so excited. This is TOTALLY the kind of teacher that motivates me...Which I really need, seeing as this is my first on-campus college class (I have taken my previous 2 semesters online).

I hope everyone else is having good luck with their instructors this new semester!!!



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We have 2 new instructors for this part of the nursing program...so i'm eager to see how it goes!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

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