What really matters when finding a job?


So, I just found out that the two nursing programs (public universities) that I have applied to for the fall did not accept me :crying2:. There are other options out there, like Herzing university and National American University (private, for-profit) , BUT, does it matter what nursing school you graduate from? Or is it more important that you passed the NCLEX? What do employers look for when hiring a new grad? What about grad school? Does it matter what school you got your undergrad degree from? Please help!


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Sorry to hear that! Perhaps you should try other community colleges or universities in or around the state? Or retake classes and apply again?

Those private for profit commercial schools like NAU are really expensive, I think, 60K-80K, and generally long programs. Definitely not worth it for a school that is more business oriented than academia and research oriented. They will take almost anyone willing to pay for an "unkown" school that meets their bare minimum standards, because they are in it for the money. Also, are you willing to worry about money for a good portion of your life, because I don't think that would be worth a nursing degree even if it was your dream job. 60-80K turns into a 100-140K pretty easily if it takes 15-20 years to pay it off on a high interest loan. The only way you could pay it down sooner is shell out more than 600 dollars + a month which is like having another apartment to pay for. This is me speaking from debt experience.

If you plan on going to a decent grad school ever, going to these schools probably would not help your cause, and that is speaking from people I know who work in college education administration. If you had AMAZING experiences that might trump it.

The number one thing to make sure is that the school is accredited by CCNE or NLNAC. Also look at their NCLEX pass rate.

If I were in your shoes, keep trying for the community colleges and universities and have this as your last resort.