What is the "registry?"

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I have read a few things mentioning working for the "registry." What is this exactly? :eek:


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In the hospital I work for, the "registry" is a pool of nurses who work where and when they want. The more places they can go or are willing to go within the hospital (for instance, ICU, the ER and Med-surg), the more money they earn per hour. They have a few requirements as to how many hours they must work per schedule to maintain their active status and how many weekends or holidays they have to pick up. They do not have benefits or accumulate vacation pay but they earn a higher hourly wage.


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Our place first called it the "float pool" and later the "roster", but no benefits and no seniority made me rethink it really fast.

The salary was the same as other RNs , but you did get to pick your hours. You hawever could NOT pick your assignments, and if you deferred more than 2 in an 8 week period you were "outta there!"

There may also be some older private duty agencies calling themselves Nurses Registry. I seem to remember that from a long time ago.


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