What to do if "I'm not feeling the love" with my preceptor??


:bluecry1: okay okay....please don't think that i am a cry baby?

that is pretty much what i am trying to avoid at this point. i'm needing some advice so if anyone can help than that would be great!

basically the situation is that i just graduated, and got an awsome internship!

we started as a group a few weeks ago and i have finally had the oppertunity to work on the floor with my preceptor....and i'm not so sure! she is soooooooooooooooooo type b! i am soooo type a/b (like my duck's in a row...but don't sweat the small stuff)

i'm very worried that i may learn to do things the short cut way! i like to do things the right way when i can (when there is time).

i saw her doing some shady stuff? not horrible/crazy or dangerous......just kinda sloppy stuff!

what should i do? request someone new, or stick it out?

i have lengthy commitment at the end of my internship....

~thanks to those:d who post back~

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If/when she shows you something that appears to be sloppy, ask if there are other ways of doing it, as you like to know different ways of doing the same thing. She may think you odd, but so what? I used to say, "oh, that is a little different from how I saw it in clinicals, do you find this saves time, stress for pt, etc...so you are asking politely for the rationale behind her way.

I always see things globally and I prob. drove my preceptors crazy with my questions but it helps me to know the rationale behind stuff, and I remember it better. When I explained that to someone showing me a new procedure, they didn't take it personally.

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