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What questions to ask the interviewer after the interview?

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I have a job interview tomorrow for a student nurse extern position, I'm really nervous about the interview. I read through the list of interview questions in the sticky topic for interview, I wish I would have read it sooner. I thought it was somewhat helpful. What makes me nervous is my thick Peruvian accent, and sometimes I find it difficult to describe and go into details with what I want to say in face to face conversations. My instructor told me that I need to talk more slowly and pronounce, pronounciation is the key. I'll go with that advice, hopefully I can answer the questions wihtout screwing up in trying to find the right words, lol.

By the way, what questions should I ask the interviewer after the job interview. I'm applying for a student nurse extern position, and I graduate next year from nursing school.

ANy help is appreciated, thanks.

you can ask -

*what duties you will be able to perform...(since your not at clinical)

* if they hire new grads in specialty units (icu, er, ccu)

* if they have a mentoring program for new grads and how long it is.

* if you'll have an orientation?

good luck!

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It's always good to show an interest in the patients, what types of patients are most common, what types of needs they have, what types of services are available to them, etc. You want to show that you are interested in that type of patient and in providing them with the type of care they need. The interview should not just be about what you can get from the facility, but also about how you can help the facility meet the needs of the patients. Keep in mind that they are hiring an employee because they have work to be done -- and you want to show that you are the best person to do that work.

Also make sure that you know what will be expected of you in terms of scheduling etc. You don't want any unpleasant surprises later.

I'm sure other people will add to this list.

Good luck,


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