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What are the pros and cons of studying in the PI vs US?

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I just finished nursing school (in the US) and I'm just waiting to take the NCLEX & find a job. After I get a job, I am planning on paying for one of my cousin's education. My aunt/family wants her to do nursing--and nursing is not her first choice but she doesn't mind taking it. Originally, she went to FEU but didn't get into the nursing school (I'm not sure how this works...). Her grades were average and after not making the cut, she stopped going to school.

I love her and I think she has the good heart to help out our extended family once she finishes school (long story short... most of our extended family depends on my mom for financial support..). I don't mind helping out either but unlike my mom (who just sent money monthly), I'd rather pay for my cousin's education and stop supporting them after they have a degree.

Looking at this forum, it seems that the nursing outlook in the PI is very grim. My problem right now is whether I should pay for my cousin to study in the PI or in the US.

Here are my pros and cons:

PI pros: cheap ($3k/year max)

PI cons: transferable to US?, same knowledge base as US, seems as if there are a lot of scams going on....

US pros: she can improve her English, she will be doing clinicals in American hospitals, she can see how hard i'm working to put her through school and hopefully this will inspire her to do better in school, she can babysit for extra $$,

US cons: obtaining F-1 visa, expensive ($11k/year min), at a community college,

Does anyone have experience with F-1 visas? Job outlook for Filipinas with an ADN & w/o papers?

I have colleges friends who have gotten F-1 visas but their parents made upwards of $100k....... but from what I hear, as long as you have the money, then it's granted to you.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Silverdragon102 has 31 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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You need to be aware of retrogression and that once she completes her training in the US she will not be able to stay and work (retrogression has been ongoing since Oct 06 and many many people are in the queue already) So you need to think on options once she has finished training and where the training will be accepted. Not all countries accept ADN

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