What was your PNCB score?

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Hello everyone,

I know that PNCB-PC scoring is based on question difficulty, but I wanted to get a feel for how well I am doing on practice tests (I take the test in 10 days!!). I was wondering if any of you would mind sharing your scores and whether or not you passed.

Also, any last minute tips would be appreciated =)


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What is the PNCB-PC? I've not heard of this.

Sorry! I guess technically it's the PNCB PNP-PC exam. Basically it's the Boards for Primary Care PNPs offered by the PNCB. They score each exam differently based on level of difficulty, but I was curious to see if anyone could give me a clue as to what a passing score is (70%, 80%, 90%?)

What study materials did you use for the PNCB that you found were helpful. I was told they tell you immediately if you passed.

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I did terrible on the practice exams, usually in the 70's but did pretty well on the PNP-AC exam. I have heard the practice exams are deliberately harder and it seems to be true. I took the NAPNAP PNP practice exams and the PNCB acute care practice exam.

Yes, you do find out immediately if you passed, thank God!


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I took the ANCC exam, it was pretty similar too the review book, I scored around 400

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A friend of mine scored similarly on the practice tests, 70th %'s and also passed her PNP-AC exam if that's comforting.

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