What do PA LPNs do in ACLS code?


I work sub acute and my facility is starting to run ACLS codes soon. I was told that they are only ACLS certifying RN supervisors and when a code is called they will come push the meds. As an LPN what is my place during an ACLS code? I was told we are allowed to draw up the drugs but not allowed to give them. They will have us draw up the med and give it to the ACLS nurse to push. Are there any LPNs in PA that work with ACLS and what is your job during the code. Obviously I will give CPR etc and can record but are we allowed to draw up the meds for the RN to push?

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In Massachusetts, same thing. However, there are some nurses who want to draw up their own meds to give. And that is good practice. And I would also note that many code carts have pre-drawn meds dependent on what they are. You can call out, verify and open the box containing the med, for the RN to pull out an use. And as a complete aside, be careful, as some of the needle covers are tricky so be careful of sharps.

In my scope, I can be the recorder, I can start IV's, place Foleys, help with compressions or bag (the later 2 very tiring very quickly, so we all take turns). There are also "runners" who do other things, make calls etc.

The time to really know what you are supposed to be doing within your scope is before a code. And the code leader will tell you what they would like you to be doing.


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Great reply Jade. Thank you for your support.