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What are my options?


I plan to go to CCBC (community college) for nursing (RN). I've been doing a lot of research and reading through the forums here, but I still have a lot of questions and uncertainty.

I currently work a full-time job for an employer that doesn't offer part-time work. I've considered trying to find something part-time, but I have ADD paired with crippling anxiety and don't feel that I would be able to do well in class if I worked as well.

I currently live with my grandmother and my boyfriend. He just recently started a new job, but he's making $12/hr which definitely isn't enough to pay both of our bills while I attend college.

Would it be possible to take out a large loan that would cover my tuition and living expenses for the next 2 years? Is that unrealistic? My total bills a month are a little over $800, to put things into perspective.

I also wouldn't qualify for financial aid in this current living situation, so unfortunately, that isn't an option.

What would be my most reasonable course of action?

I'm wondering how you could get a loan for that kind of money with no job....? And, typically, non-student loans would have you begin paying it back immediately in monthly installments...plus interest. How would you do that?

As for taking 2 years for the Associates in Nursing, it's extremely unusual for a college to admit you to the nursing program (which takes two years) unless you have successfully completed the pre-requisite courses with a high enough GPA to get you into the nursing program itself. These pre-req courses can take a year or more, depending on how the coursework runs, and how you handle the load.

Have you talked with a nursing advisor at the college you're interested in attending, to see how long it would ACTUALLY take you to complete this degree? And if financial aid is not an option, and (most likely) student loans aren't an option.....I don't see you swinging this without a job.

You're right, about everything. Not sure what I was thinking. I know most of those things to be true but was hoping that somehow I would be able to get my degree without having significant trouble, financially and mentally.

I suppose working while attending school IS my only option. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.