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AP runs very fast. Apx. 1 chapter every week since each term is usually 18 chapters.. I took online for AP2. although I scored an 89 in the class I would much rather do a face to face class. I noticed my teachers took questions from the review from each chapter. also go to the book website. They will often have practice tests and review that I noticed my teachers also used.

YaY made a B on my first lab exam. Tomorrow another lab exam, Monday lecture exam, follow up with a lap/practicum on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm still a bit overwhelmed but at the same time that quiz took a whole lot of stress off of me. I took your adivse about studying the chapter review and the book website and wow I feel so ready for that lab quiz tomorrow and the test on Monday. Thanks so much :D.

P.S. A bit more than half of the class failed the first lab. Grrrrrrr makes me nervious about the future.


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I'd first make your priorities RN 1st priority or military 1st priority.

If RN then BSN is top priority, your progress and time will then enable you to enter the military in the future.

The pre-reqs for nursing are difficult. Depending on where you live and how the schools you plan on applying to objectify their applicants you need a good grade... my region you need 3.8-4.0'ish in all those hard science pre-reqs to be competitive. A&P is tough for everyone - make sure you are competitive and can be compeitive to schools you plan on applying to .. otherwise change your plan because your attempt will be futile ;) Lots of sub forums within allnurses discuss the individual courses and what not while this one focuses on mil aspect of it. best of luck, study hard.. be realistic, arrange your life to enable you to work hard and succeed.

Gotcha ya RN and BSN is top priority. A few days ago upper management and my direct supervisor made it so that I can work 2 ten hours shifts on the weekend and a few hours during the week if needed. Also my parents said if I want I could move back in and they would help as much as they could. Thanks for the heads up about the gpa I've heard simiar today that in the science pre-reqs a grade of c is considered not passing in the eyes of most nursing schools. My back up plan if this don't work out is to get my bacholors degree (two years left) in criminal justice while doing ROTC.