What other options with hospice only as experience?

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I have been an RN with hospice only as experience. I do admissions only for one company and for the other company, I do suppervisory visits every 2 weeks and recertifications. The other company functions a bit different from other hospice companies. the LVN sees the patient 2x/week, I do suppervisory every 2 weeks and if there is any change, we will report to someone in the office who will do everything (ask order, order med, inform family etc). So my job there is easy. If there is a change in condition, they normally send someone else and not me.

I feel that I am losing my nursing skills with this type of job. Are there also other options for me if I get tired of doing this or if i need to move somewhere? I know it is almost impossible to get a hospital job these days w/o hospital experience. I have also worked in a skilled nursing facility before for a few months only because I hated it.

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My question is how do you get away with working for 2 different hospice companies? I would be fired.

I see people do it a lot. For one company I work for, most of their nurses are part time nurses and work for other hospice companies. The DON and owners of the company know about it.

In the bigger hospice i work for, i know part timers who have full time jobs at Kaiser hospice. Management is also aware.

I do not see why this would be a problem unless if you're a marketer then that would be conflict of interest.

Besides, what i do during my off is none of their business unless if affects my job. If they pay me more then I won't need a 2nd job.

You could do pretty much the same thing working at regular home health agencies.

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