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Hello, Japan were 7:00. I spent a quiet night. It is very fine in Japan today. When June comes, Hiroshima becomes a rainy season. Is there a rainy season in the area which you live in? There is a season of spring, summer, autumn, winter in Japan. Each season is very wonderful. The season of my heart is always winter. It always snows in my heart. My wallet is winter, too. I am at a loss. I will go to see a movie if work is finished. A movie will heal my heart. How do you spend a holiday?

@The nurse who has the head of the snake is off today, too. She will get along with the lover certainly, too. A holiday is the medicine which heals the heart that I get tired.


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Dear Ken,

I prefer my off day doing something creative, imaginative, aesthetic (sewing projects, major cooking projects, gardening)

This gives something to feel good about after work. Long-term, on-going projects have a built-in characteristic of continuity. This helps when a patient passes oor some other bad thing happens with work. At least I know that life goes on through my plants or a craft project that is already in progress.

Fishing is another readily acccesible therapeutic intervention.

Edward, IL

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In California we have 2 seasons;wet and dry. Its officially the dry season now and the open meadows often burn. There was a fire in a canyon nears us this week that burned many acres after a hunter decided to put some bullets into a old abandoned auto which caused sparks that ignited the grass and continued to burn for several hours until fire crews could arrive to the remote area.

If I want to see snow in the winter I have to travel a good distance from home. It's really very desert-like here. The weather can be compared to the Mediterrean in Europe.I suppose that's why we have really good wine grapes!

I agree with Edward- I enjoy doing creative things on my days off like painting or drawing. I like to write, too, which is why I like these internet BBs

I dont think nursing allows for alot of creative expression,do you?

Kenshi why are you posting these things in the Canadian discussio? (just curious...):D

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Originally posted by sanakruz

I agree with Edward- I enjoy doing creative things on my days off like painting or drawing. I like to write, too, which is why I like these internet BBs

Yes, Kenshi... I find music, drawing, writing, painting, and being outdoors in a quiet nature setting very soothing to the heart and soul.

And like you, my wallet is always winter ! :chuckle So I don't shop much... it's much easier on my wallet to pack a pic-nic lunch and sit by a stream and listen to the birds and the water rushing over the rocks. ;)


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Night Shift (at 16:30, - 9:00) was finished, and I arrived at my house. I connect it to the Internet soon. It is expecting that someone reacts to my contribution certainly. I am looking forward to it. Someone understands my English. The person who sympathizes with the topic that I contribute it exists in something of the world. I appreciate it. I will be able to be forgotten even if I am tired on my job. Because I am very happy. I meet the nurse of the various countries someday, and want to talk. I hope for that strongly. Until that day comes, I will contribute it to this bulletin board. I appreciate many people very much. I could have many friends, too.

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