What nursing schools am I most likely to be accepted in with my current GPA?

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First off, I was originally a Bio major, I wanted to do premed up until last semester. It seems as if getting into a university as a nursing major is more competitive than Bio. I currently have a 3.48 GPA and by next semester I will definitely have a 3.56. I want to go into the best nursing programs possible in California and near me. I am worried that my current GPA is not enough. I looked up CSLB and their average GPA was a 3.8! Ideally, I would love to get into UCI or UCLA, but should I even bother applying considering budget cuts and my GPA? Anything information is helpful, thanks!

Check out the Cal Programs forum on here for some suggestions! I know some Cal States award points if you live in their county or speak Spanish fluently. Some award points for working or volunteering in the healthcare field. Also the TEAS test is worth a lot of points. I think some CSU's look at pre-req GPA seperate from overall GPA. I think you will still stand a chance at getting into a BSN program at a CSU as long as you apply to a lot of them and are willign to go to a different school than your first pick. Good Luck!