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Hello allnurses.com I am a nurse student from Albania. After a couple of years i will be a RN. If you can answer me i would like to do some questions. 1: A patient comes to me in ER with a second degree burn and needs help. In that case, what can i do: Treat the patient by myself by washing his/her burn ( first aid), or should i call the doctor and let him/her in pain?2: A patient comes to me and he can't breath, all the airways are closed. What can i do in this moment, treat the patient by giving him o2 and release the patient airways, or should i call a doctor first and let him suffer?3: I care for a post operator patient. Suddenly he has a complication and he can't breathe, or he has arrhythmia and he is going to die if anyone can't make something for him. In this case, should i treat by myself, or should i call doctor first?

4. I am with a patient in his/her room. Suddenly he has seizures. What can i do in this case: Giving him 1 of ativan or call the doctor first?

5: Should nurse make CPR?

6: Should nurses make intubation?

7: A patient come to hospital. Who should be the first to ask about his symptoms, the nurse or the doctor? Cause i think the nurse ask the patient first and than the nurse tell the doctor about his symptoms. Is it true?8. If i am a neurological nurse, have i right to make the assessment, or for example to check Glasgow Coma Scale, or to ask patient about his symptoms and so on? I am asking you all these questions because everyone here in Albania thinks that every thing should make the doctor and nurse only make the injection and nothing else. Please if you can help me by answering these questions it would be good. I'm so confused too. y questions. I'm so confused. My school books tell other things, and the reality tell other things. What should i believe? School books tell that the nurse should ask the patient about symptoms and should use stethoscope, but everyone tell me the opposite. Please can you illuminate me if you can?Thank you Thoma Spiri


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The short answer is you have to conform to the hospital's policies and whatever regulatory body governs your nursing practice. What we do here may be vastly different from what nurses in your country do.

What do your instructors say about your questions?