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After false charges and accusations were made against and cleared by the district attorney the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurses Examiners decided to persecute me and ruin my career because of hearsay not facts. I was given orders for classes drug screening and all while my license I possessed since 2006 had been suspended. I completed every stipulation but since my only job has been nursing finding other work was not easy. I ended up cutting plastic on a plant for a temp agency meanwhile I was required to call in for testing daily and required to pay $100 each time I was selected for screening. I missed a screening due to no facility availability.  The board revoked my license for this. I tried pleading and talking to them but they lack any compassion. I have worked with nurses who have done horrible things and received a slap on the wrist. I simply left a toxic marriage and my bitter ex tried to destroy me for that nothing I was falsely charged with was even work related. This can't be fair, this can't be right after all the blood, sweat and tears I have given to nursing. If anyone can offer me any advice on what I can do ...I would greatly appreciate it.

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