What to do now that I am not in nursing school anymore?

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In December of 2003 I got a sad letter stating that I would no longer be able to continue in the Nursing Program at my school. I had started the program in August of 2002 and I have had ups and downs in the progam. Part of me is still hurt because i know of others in my program who have stuggled with classes and were allowed to continue on. The other part of me is sad, because it is like someone stole my dream and told me the ultimate no. During my Jr.2 semester in the program I was beginning to see more options and enjoy other aspects of nursing besides floor nursing. At the present time I have change my major to Community Health so I can graduate. I really can use some advise and help?

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are you qualified to challenge or sit for the lpn exam? (a lot of schools allow you to take the nclex-pn after the first year of nursing school.) if you really want to be a nurse this might be the way to go and get some confidence and experience under your belt then go for completion to rn or bsn if you were going for a bachelors. if you can't do the lpn route maybe think about repiratory therapy? a lot of those are bachelors level and you may be able to get into a program, also if you are set on patient care (and only want to stay around the bachelor degree level) try Physical therapy assistant or even dental hygiene (you should already have all the prereqs for most of these careers)anyway these are just a few health care options i could think of, anyone else?

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