What made you go into Nursing?

by DK123 DK123 Member Nurse

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I am 22 and have been a Nurse for 11 months. Been proud, my parents pushed to get into healthcare since I was in Grade 6.

I never realized how valuable Nurses were until I got to school and saw all the good they do. I remember telling myself when I was a student that someday I'll be like those Nurses in the Hospital.

No one in my extended family is in healthcare, and during this pandemic they are either working from home or unemployed. Me? Still standing strong, with a stable job, with stable income, no end in sight.

I also thought doing those skills were "cool". Most of my relatives are Accountants or something to do with Business. None of them could even try to be a Nurse.

Congratulations on entering a great career so early on. I decided to become a nurse when I was newly separated with two mouths to feed. I became a CNA to get experience while attended school and it was one of the most fulfilling periods in my life. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t discovered the joy of caring for and empowering others sooner.