What to Look for in a ABSN Program?


Hello all,

First time poster, long time reader. I'm just finishing up my pre-reqs and I'm wondering if any of you have tips on what I should look for in an Accelerated Bachelors program. I understand that a strong clinical program is a must, but what does that look like exactly? That is, should the school have its own hospital network, or maybe a partnership with a local hospital? Some of the websites make it hard to judge exactly what they have to offer. I've also heard that Pathophysiology and Pharmacology should be included in the courses offered. What do you think? I'm really looking for the best education possible - I want to make sure and get my money's worth! If any of you have any advice to offer based on your experiences in university and after, or anything in general to add I would be most grateful!! Thank you so much, I look forward to joining the heathcare family!


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im in my second term of an ABSN program and i researched A LOT before applying and deciding where to go. in my experience, i made sure all of the programs were accredited.. some of the programs were heavily focused on community/leadership and didnt offer as many rotations (community health, med surg and psych were offered for all, but some didnt offer OB or peds separately ( it was wrapped into one unit, and all but 1 offered critical care). i looked up the program schedule of all classes offered for all terms in the program and then looked up definitions in the course catalog or tried to contact someone in admissions/SON. my current program offers a critical care rotation, which none of the others i applied to offered, and that is one reason why i chose it. it also helped to contact people who either went through the program, attended the school or lived in the area so i could gauge the reputation of the school as a whole and the program too. disorganization and lack of resources were other things i tried to educate myself on. i believe pharm and/or patho was included in the program list of all schools i looked at except for 1. my school splits pharm across 3 terms. i also looked at the layout of the program - what will you be doing your first term? how many credits? we started with 2 classes in a 6 week session.. i liked "easing" into the program rather than being thrown into 15+ credits over one summer period! hope that helps - good luck!


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I've done a lot of research into the local ABSN programs, both in the city where I live, and in the city where my parents live.

I agree with JAX67 that there is some variability in the actual course progression and the clinical experiences that are offered.

Also, financials are a big concern of mine. As I understand it, obtaining loans for a 2nd Bachelor's degree can be much more difficult. I may be somewhat fortunate because I graduated originally in 2003, so I might have some "room" available with Stafford loans.

But I looked at programs that are 120K vs 20K: that's a HUGE difference for the same degree over the same amount of months.

My first choice program (right now) is local to my parents (vital for babysitting my 3yo), and only 20K.

But what's right for me isn't great for everyone.

Best of luck on your search!