What is it like to be a RN in the UK???


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Hello, everyone! I am from the US. I am getting ready to start my 1st semester of clinical in an ADN program. Once I finish getting my ADN, I want to go and get my BSN, then eventually MSN. I have always dreamed of coming to the UK. My family is from England and so, I have a lot of second cousins and so forth there. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to get married and move there. I have a wonderful husband and 2 young sons, who all wouldn't mind moving to the UK. I am just curious what it is like being a RN there. What would I have to do to get my license? Someday, I want to become a nurse practioner but that is going to be a while away. I see a lot of threads about coming to the US. Is the pay not a good? Please tell me as much as you can about what it is like to be a nurse there, as well as, raising a family. I am very serious about this, but I don't want to uproot my family if it is not going to work out. Thank you in advance!!!



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As for pay it depends what band you are in.....depending on experience. From what i know pay is not as good as in the US. I have a friend in US. We trained together here in UK and her wages are alot better than mine. there has been threads regarding moving from US to UK so if you have a look you should have all info. good luck..x x

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