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What is it like to be a NICU nurse?


What is the salary like

What is your schedule like? (hours and days off/working)

DO you like being a NICU nurse?

Is it very sad in the NICU?

Is labor & delivery a better place to work?

Any additional comments/descriptions welcome!

babyNP., APRN

Specializes in NICU. Has 12 years experience.

These questions have been asked a million and 2 times, so I recommend doing a search. For salaries, check out the state where you want to work and ask as regions vary. Most new grads go tonights or rotate days/nights, as happens in most areas of nursing.

I would never work delivery. We have our own interesting mommy's in NICU but I'm not one for watching people scream in pain but refuse drugs. If it's for you, hey! go for it. More power to you and I would never say anything differently trying to change your mind. I just don't want to be your nurse.

Nicu where I live the pay is pretty much they same as any other field. I pick my schedule and choose 3-12 hour day shifts with options for overtime occassionally. i hated it at first but am still very new and starting to like it. It has its really fun days and sad days. Feeder growers are fun nursey level 2. Its hard to have NAS infants withdrawing from drugs. The micro preemies can be sad but overall you watch miracles happen and watch a 23 week infant grow into a 40 week infant and go home with a good quality of life. It does have sad times but overall its good. we do primary nurses which is very rewarding. I hate L and D and its more demanding. If you do decide to work NICU just know you will not like it at first, its emotional, a huge learning curve, but give it a chance and you will like it.