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What to know before PP orientation?

I think I have gotten a job on a PP OB/Gyn unit. I finished the interview, and I think that it went reallly well. I'm graduating in December and starting the first of January. I wanted to brush up before orientation begins. Does anybody have any pointers of material to review just so I'll be a leg up?

Also, how does your day normally run when you are working PP? Any tips to make the day flow better? Does anyone have any "brain sheets"? Also, this PP unit doesn't do couplet care. So it's mainly caring for the mother. Probably 5-6 patients is about average. Any pointers would be really appreciated. Thanks!!


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I did this in a couple hospitals and it's a fun floor to work. I've done both just moms and couplet care. The women are generally healthy young women who have gone thru a natural process. You'll want to refresh yourself on postpartum checks (bleeding ( and when it's too much) fundus checks(uterine massage) ,assess tears or episiotomy, pericare, etc. Usually, I'd get a women to the room, get vitals, do assessment, make sure she's voiding, orient to room and how to do pericare, get her fluids and food as she is usually starving...then it's off to the races, and most women are quite independant. Bone up on care of post-op patients for your c-section. Helping with breast feeding can be frustrating, but mostly for mom and baby if latching doesnt happen easily.

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