What to Know Before Nursing School?


I just finished my first year of prereqs and I have a year left.

I'm studying hard and trying to learn as much as possible, especially in A&P.

But what are the main things you should know before you start nursing school? It's gonna be difficult as it is, so I want to make sure I spend all of my time learning new material in nursing school instead of re-learning things that were in my prereqs.

Thanks !

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Believe me, they will not be re-teaching what you are supposed to be learning in pre-reqs. That is why they are pre-reqs. It is expected and understood you are supposed to know that material prior to nursing school. Don't worry about what you will need to know then. Focus on where you are at and learn the material. You will need an excellent foundation in A&P, microbiology and all your other pre-reqs.