What kind of skills does a good NP need to have?

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I'm a 28 year-old Canadian considering a career in Nursing, in particular becoming a NP, and am currently doing some research on the subject to see if it's really what I'm looking for. I'm interested in the social aspect of nursing, ie, patient care, but am also looking for something that will challenge me and require exercising strong problem solving skills and independence. What kinds of skills does a good NP need to have? Will I find what I'm looking for as a NP? Or will I only find what I'm looking for through a career in medicine? I'm interested in hearing from NPs from both the US and Canada, especially from Montreal, if there are any out there.

I'd also like to know what kinds of prospects are there for NPs in Canada. Is it difficult to find a job? It seems to me that there is a lot of reluctance in Canada to offer positions to NPs. Am I mistaken?


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Hi and welcome. I can't address Canada except its a beautiful place to vacation. However, here are some attributes I think are important:

1. Yearn to learn - self starter.

2. Intelligent.

3. Ability to trouble-shoot and confidence in your ability.

4. Fantastic assessment skills.

5. Most important - a sense of humor

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