What kind of Math problems do LPN encounter at school?


Hello, Im from FL and currently go to Lake Worth Palm Beach State College I can honestly say Im lovin it! :redpinkhe Im in the CNA course here and Im desperately wanting to further my education to LPN 16 month course with 9 months extra for RN bridge route.

Im doing some Procalc math practice questions. I have bought the "Math for Nurses" book recently. I want to know if anyone here will tell me what kind of math will be taught in LPN class. Basic stuff? Fractions, percentages, etc. Im horrible at Math, but in the CNA class we record Intake and convert ounces to cc,mL which to me is easy. Do you think because Im bad at math I shouldnt be a LPN ? Im not quick to multiplying my numbers,

I know LPN has alot to do with meds, Are we really going to have to convert all this in real life? Or only for school? Please let me in on some info here, Im stressin. Thanks in advance:)

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Yes, you will definitely be using math in nursing school as well as on the job extensively.

I think having a book like Math for Nurses is a good start. A book like that usually covers a lot of information you need to know for determining medication dosages and IV rate calculations. You will need to know the metric system because that is what is used in healthcare.

As far as multiplying, etc., a calculator will be your best friend. Also there are quick conversion guides you can get (sometimes from the hospital pharmacy) that are small enough to fit in your pocket just in case you forget how many mL are in an ounce, etc. (sometimes a physician will order a liquid oral medication in ounces and you have to figure out how many mL to measure). After awhile, the metric system will be second nature to you.

Hope this helps.


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Okay thanks!


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ITA with seasonednurse78. Don't let Math discourage you from becoming a nurse if this is your goal. I absolutely HATE Math; possibly because I've never been good at it, but I joined a study group and studied on my own and made it!!! There are formulas we learned in NS that we used on every test-we had math problems on EVERY test/every course-but it can be done!! Good luck!!:)


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Basic math you can do it !!!! Its easy don't let people tell you its hard cause its not!! "Study" everyone can do it ; )