What jobs are available in the U.S for a BSN grad from the Philippines without NCLEX?

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I'm a BSN grad from the Philippines and am still trying to take the NCLEX since the CA BRN has denied me. I need a job, and since I can't get a position as an RN right away, I was wondering what other jobs I can get with my degree, while waiting to take my exam. A friend of mine told me that I may be able to work in a nursing home. I was hoping someone here could tell me whether that was possible or not. If so, what additional requirements, if any, would I have to go through?

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You may be able to get a job as an aide of some type.

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Do you have a visa that allows you permission to work here in the US? You could try being an aide/CNA/tech at a nursing home or a hospital. We have a co-worker who is a nurse in her home country from Ethiopia, but works as a CNA role on my floor.

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It's possible to apply for health technicians/ health aide's/personal aide/ etc that doesn't require any certification. I've been applying to health technician's but the companies have been hiring the ones that experiences and with a license. It's pretty hard landing a job with this economy. There were 16 of us applying for the position. You can try enrolling in a CNA program. Its about 2-3 months. You may be able to find a position at nursing homes.

Thanks for the info kuya.

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