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What Is Nursing


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This is just a look see at our profession. It is not for an article, news, movie, or anyother media. This is just want a look at how others see nursing type thing. I know that someone was trying to write an article back in 03 and I guess I got to thinking about it again after talking to co-workers who have very different definitions. I will go first.

I am a OB nurse so that is where a lot of mine is coming from.

I do a lot of teaching, during labor until discharge home. Where I'm at now does not use a lot of pain meds so I teach other methods of pain control. Basic infant care, post partum care, and sexual care is a lot of my teaching. I also am a guide through the maze of medical care during this time. I advocate for services for the family. I help to empower the parents as most of mine are first timers who have family trying to "care" for the infant. I let them know that it is alright to do things their way and not granny's, that this is their child and the decisions belong to them.

I also console the ones who have a loss or the threat of loss. I help them to understand that it was not their fault (most of the time). I also teach fathers that it is alright to be involved during labor and childbirth. that they too should bond with the baby. I do assessments of the baby before and after birth. I help to put a family together.

My definition of nursing is one who has the knowledge to provide care of accepted standards, strong enough to stand for the patient and their rights, believes in self so that can stand strong but bend when needed. Above all has enough feelings that can hurt when things go wrong but will carry on and help families as well as patients. Must have the power to say "I need...." for self without letting others stand in the way. And last but not least, letting the world go round without having to control it.


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I just thought this would be a good way to see how others think. It looks like I was wrong. I thank all who read even though no one posted.

To me, nursing is a holistic profession that involves patient teaching, health promotion, reducing pain, improving the quality of life of all :)

Nursing is liquids.

Or you could say that Nursing is a series of interruptions, interrupted by interruptions.


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I'm a student, so I haven't found my voice in nursing yet. I'm just kind of taking it all in ... just wanted to know I appreciate your effort.

Locally, I hear nurses talk about being patient-centered, and so when I, personally, talk about nursing it feels very nurse-centered, which feels wrong to me, immoral or unethical or something. Nursing is not about me. I wear many caps, and strive to reflect whatever that resident/client/patient/colleague/manager ... whatever that Other needs me to be. (I didn't say professor ... I didn't say professor ... I didn't say professor ...)

Nursing is a camouflaged flounder.

I'd steal an image from here if I could; it's Today's featured picture in the Wikimedia Commons available here:

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Okaaaaaay, That didn't work too well. Let me try to share the image with you again, a different way. I am not Moondigger, Moondigger is the author of the picture. This is not in appropriate APA format; I am a bad student.

http: // en . wikipedia . org / wiki / Image : Flounder_Camo_md.jpg


nursing is kindness. It's focusing on another person's needs to the point we don't focus on our own. And doing so because I want to.


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Nursing can be High Anxiety

Anybody see that movie? I LOVE Nurse Diesel! I forget whose signature talks about nurses being either a shining example or a horrible warning. I am a bad student. I'd join the Center for Nursing Advocacy but they'd have to excommunicate me ...


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