What influenced you to go into healthcare?

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i can still remember the day i decided to become a nurse. my mother was a nurse and she work for a doctor at a private clinic. it was back in the day when they use to have bring your daughter to work day, and i went with my mother to work and she got to poke and probe at me...i even got a cool snoopy bandage. haha..i saw how she interacted with patients and i knew that's what i wanted to do i want to care for people and make a difference in their life. i'm also very nurturing and love being around babies so i decided to become a nurse. i'm still in nursing school but it's my passion i couldn't imagine doing anything else. i know everyone says it's really hard to do and it burns you out, but i really truly believe that if you get in this field for the right reasons and it's something you love to do that you will success and be great at what you do.:heartbeat

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