What to do to improve application?


Hi guys,

Just got referred to this nursing forum so let me know if I should refer my question elsewhere.

I graduated in '13 with degrees in Spanish and International Studies from LSU, but finished all my pre-requisites for the LSUHSC BSN nursing program. When I was a freshman, I took most of my pre-reqs as a kinesiology major. Unfortunately I came in with some courses already with a passing grade, and during my freshman year I made some B's in biology and bio lab, sociology, and art. I ended with a 3.64 in prereqs (3.58 overall GPA), and just finished statistics this summer with an A, so I'm hoping they take into consideration I became a MUCH better student as my college years went on.

After a year off doing my own thing living abroad and teaching english, I have come back home and after volunteering at a hospital decided after all to go back to school for nursing. It is currently July, and I am taking the HESI and applying August 15 for this coming Spring semester.

My question is what should I do this semester leading up to be prepared if I get in, to improve my chances to get in, etc.? Any reason to get certified as a CNA? Continue volunteering? Also if I don't get in, is there any reason to retake some of those classes I got B's in?

Thanks in advance!


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Keep volunteering.

Study hard and do VERY well on the HESI.

Retaking courses- eh. You'll need to research repeat policies on this one. Some schools are fine with it, some aren't. You'll need to researching this one on your own. For Cs, I'd say it's worth looking into. For Bs... Maybe. Your GPA is alright, and with a great HESI score, you may be just fine. Some schools put some weight on the volunteer work, some don't. How they weigh your GPAs and your HESI score will vary. One thing I HIGHLY recommend, especially if you don't have a 4.0, is applying everywhere you'd consider attending. Casting a wide net greatly improves your chances of acceptance, even if it's not to your #1 choice school.

CNA- I haven't seen any schools offer anything for this, but I know that my program required it. If your school offers points or preference or whatever for it, definitely go for it. It might be a good way to get in some work while in school, and to make connections (though these days, it's not a guarantee of RN work once you graduate).

I hope that helps some! :)