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What do I need to focus on studying before taking Anatomy 2?

by Drolfe Drolfe (New) New Pre-Student

Long story short, I took anatomy 1 almost five years ago as a sophomore in high school. I ended with a high B so I need an A in anatomy 2! However..I don’t remember much and I’m trying to cram before my anatomy 2 class in August and I feel hopeless due to there being so much material! Should I not even worry about trying to relearn everything? If so, what should I really focus on knowing before going into this class? I’m not even sure where anatomy 1 ended. Any tips would be amazing!

Well, you could take it in the meantime through an alternate credit service and the grade you get becomes a non-issue since it’s not a college. You don’t have to list it on your application or try to transfer it in. An example would be straighterline or study.com. That way you expose yourself to the equivalent of a self directed anatomy II course, but with no impact on GPA. Study.com is more video based whereas straighterline is textbook based primarily.

both options are very cheap. There are coupon codes for straighterline that bring the price down to almost nothing. I think they have a free trial going right now as well. Try ash100, liberty50, takes50, etc for coupon codes if you don’t qualify for the free trial.

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When I took A&P2 we covered the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine and reproductive systems. The lab portion we covered/memorized stuff on the arteries/veins, EKG, blood, blood types and the types of cells found in blood (and had to memorize the blood flow through the body as well as arteries/veins.. (professor would pick a section and tell us to explain how the blood was moving starting from a certain point and name the veins/arteries in that section in order), a lab on the heart and we had to memorize the chambers/blood flow/valves, type of muscle that made up the heart, etc. Urine lab we had fake urine and had to identify certain things about different urine samples. There were dissections on pigs and a steer heart. We reused both for different labs. I'm not sure how I would have prepared differently if I had to take it again for the first time. Maybe more active studying through flashcards/etc instead of relistening to lectures/passively watching videos. Most of my studying I did through quizlet though there are other similar websites like it. You can find related study guides/flashcards on quizlet from other students or create your own. You can also check out Anatomy and Physiology on Khan Academy it tests you as you go through the different systems. It might be a good prep before you take the class.

Quizlet might be useful for free flash card sets.