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What am I entitled to as a Canadian RN traveling to US


So I want to travel down to the states. I'm just in the very begining stages of making it happen. I spoke with a recruiter with "Clinical One." She said that I have to handle all the visa issues myself (she told me to google it and when asked whether I need a job first to get the work visa she hesitated and said yes but that it was tricky - like huh?). She said that once I do those things, to contact her and she'd take it from there. Is this correct? I have to do all the work myself in terms of finding all the documents to apply for and pay for it myself? She said that if I want to take the NCLEX, I have to pay for the exam myself, and pay to go to Seattle or somewhere to take it (Im in Vancouver). Is that right? I was kind of hoping a recruiter would help me out with all that, with the visa and nclex and that the company would pay for it. Anyone know?

caroladybelle, BSN, RN

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First, there are very few travel jobs here for US nurses, much less Canadian. Thus agencies do not have to work or "help" or comp as much as they have in the past.

Second, you are not "entitled" to anything. You can only get what they agency offers to you. That is an issue with agency. You can try to negotiate, but already sounds like there is no negotiation on that issue. Agency is "right to work" - you either accept what they offer, or you go to another agency. And while some nurses may be able to negotiate some deals, they usually have seniority in the agency and have proven their worth. A untried traveler, especially in the current recession does not have that.

When I was a traveler, as a US nurse, I did all of my paperwork for my licenses, without agency help. Most agencies do not assist, barring some that strike break. And, until obtaining seniority, paid my own fees. And that was when there was a shortage of nurses.

Thanks for your reply :)

I found this link http://www.crosscountrytravcorps.com/cctc/about-travel-nursing/canadian-nurses.jsp#visa-asst with CrossCountry. From the look of it, they would walk me through the entire process, which seems daunting. If I have to pay, then ok, but at least they would handle all the work.

For a Canadian nurse, I think I read that once I pick a company, I have to stick with them and can't work with more then one like the US nurses can, is this true?

Also, I work in the OR and while I appreciate what you say about the recession, from the few company websites I saw, there's plenty of OR positions out there. I wonder if the postings on those websites are active/current cause from what I see, there's work for OR nurses.

caroladybelle, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

I have worked with CCTC and while a good group, I was never "walked through" anything....other than maybe giving me addresses, I did the footwork.