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What are other healthcare careers that you know of?

Has 20 years experience. Specializes in pediatrics, ed, public health.

My boss has asked me to prepare a flyer for high school students regarding healthcare careers. This flyer will be distributed at a high school career day. Now seriously, I have to write about things other than nursing? I have tried to find a list that may have already been published but no avail. Can you suggest other positions in or out of the hospital for me to use? (examples, surgical techs, CNAs, physical therapist, physical therapist aides):heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat

All suggestions are gladly appreciated and website links a plus.

Thank to all

Cali RN :nurse:


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Check out this website from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:


I've considered EVERY healthcare career imaginable...but you should definitely emphasize that nursing is the BEST! :specs:

Ordlerly, admissions rep, er tech, Ob tech, director, nurse educator

Hmm.. Speech pathologist, occupational therapist, medical researcher, pharmaceutical scientist, clinical research associate (CRA), physician assistant, anesthesiology assistant, pharmacist, pharmacy tech, naturopathic doctors, other homeopathic professions... i'll probably remember more as soon as i submit this haha.

Pharmacy, dietitian, social work, speech path.

Thinking outside the box a little bit here:

dental hygienist (great pay)

dental assistant (good pay)

prosthetics & orthotics (great pay!)

Radiologic technologist (good pay)

Sonography (great pay!)

massage therapy

accupuncture & chinese medicine

naturopathic medicine


Sterile processing technicians, health information management



Specializes in ER.

EMTs and Paramedics


Has 20 years experience. Specializes in pediatrics, ed, public health.

:redpinkheThank you all. Great link on the BLS.gov website AND there are similar threads.

thanks to all, now I am ready to get busy.

Cali RN thanks you

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