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This may fall under the posting "Nursing Salaries" but the majority of Nurses that I know have "average" healthcare benefits....In my last fulltime position as a nurse I had an HMO(very small network) Dental($1000.00/yr max).No vision coverage.

As a Registered Nurse the best medical benefits I ever had were when I worked at an insurance company- Had a PPO there. Working as a RN in hospitals I never had anything but an HMO. I also noticed when I worked at the hospital that the Dr.s and hospital administrators always got "better" benefits than the nurses. That is, they would get Indemnity(fee for service) plans while the nursing staff had an HMO.


So the questions I pose to you all is:

1:As a nurse what kind of medical benefits do you have?

2:Are they the same as the Dr's and administrators at your hospital?

3: Do you feel that as a medical professional that you should have the best medical benefits available?

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Ive always gotten an HMO as well. The docs get PPO, much better deal.

Our dental is 100% paid, vision is one exam a year, for med we pay 50.00 a month. NO 401k

Holidays: 2 are time and a half and only if you work them other wise no money for them. there are 5 other minor holidays that we will get an additional 10% pay for, again only if we work them. eek.gif

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