What happens if one fails nursing school in NY?

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So far, I'm still in the nursing program @ Adelphi, but I was wondering: If I fail the nursing program, am I banned for life from re-applying to Adelphi's nursing program? Could I still apply to other RN schools in NY? Would I need to re-take the nursing classes (even the nonclinical ones)? I prefer to stay in NY. I'm just curious. Thanks.


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ist if u just fail a class i believe you can repeat the class..if u r repeating the class and not doing good, is it too late for you to drop the course and do again?...or if u dont have all ur classes taken at the school than dont use that transcript...u really have to explain to what ever school u r applying to what the reason is...there is one school u can do online..adn


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Hey LeeviaRN, thanks for the response. Which online school offers the ADN???? I don't see how it's possible to go into an online ADN program w/o completing clinicals?? (I haven't done any clinicals yet). How can the online school offer the clinicals? And do you mean Excelsior or?? Not sure of any online schools for non-nurses (I don't have a LPN or anything, and my previous BA is in a different field altogether). I prefer to enter an ASN or BSN program. Thanks for your help!


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I only know Pace University and Excelsior that will accommodate U. I am curious what ADN Online school U r talking about. I am interested to know because I completed the LPN program but did not pass the exit final. I am looking for a school where I can finish this and move on or an online school where I can pursue ADN OR BSN. Please help!

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