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I've seen alot of questions re: whether or not someone should become a nurse. But what I'm curious about is has anyone ever had problems during their internships/clinical rotations? Such as becoming ill when drawing blood or dealing with an emergency patient that is bleeding? How did you deal with the first time you had to do an IV or draw blood or insert any tubes. Was anyone squeamish initially and got over it?

To be honest, I'm nervous about hurting someone.

Thanks for the info.


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Anyone who says they never had any tough moments in clinical as a student is a LIAR!!:chuckle Believe me, there is something that makes every stomach queasy, and you'll find it all in a hospital. You just have to try to stay calm, breathe, and if you have to be sick, leave the room first.

As far as nervousness goes, it's a good sign. It means you'll be careful. By the time you do have to perform procedures on patients you will have read about them and practiced them in the lab before clinical. You will have a teacher or a nurse with you to make sure you don't harm anyone. I found it helpful to just talk through the procedure with the instructor before going into the patient's room. Once in the room, I just took a deep breath and went for it. I didn't get the first IV I tried for, but that's life. It helps to try to remember that no one was born a great nurse, it takes a lot of practice. Plus as a student, you will probably never be required to function in a true emergency.


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Nerves are natural and I would be concerned if you didn't have them.

Your initial experiences during clinicals will be closely supervised.

Take the oportunity to discuss any concerns you have including nerves with your instructor before you go into the patient's room. If you need a quick refresher on the procedure the time to get it is before entereing the patient room. However, if you are in the room and have started and feel you need help or guidence ask for it without hesitation.

Once your skill and confidence increase you will be given more space and some things you will eventually do on your own. As a student though be absolutely clear about which things you can do on your own, as this will not include everything no matter how confident or how well you do them.

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