What happens when I first get put under?

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When I was on the operating room table for hysterectomy I was given Versed, then other meds, Propofol and Fentanyl 5 minutes later. Would I have gone unconscious immediately after the Versed? I tend to talk with light anesthesia and I hope I didn't this time.

Also, I got on the operating room table with a gown on, plus a lightweight bathrobe they had given me. I had an IV in on the top of my hand...how could they get the gown and robe off? I'm on the heavy side, how could they pull them out from under me?

Don't they need thngs to be sterile on the operating room table? The gown and robe were not, and especially those slipper socks.

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It looks like you need to speak with your Surgeon and/or Primary Care Provider. It appears you have unanswered questions about your surgery. So, please pose these concerns with them. We wish you well.

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