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Specializes in L & D; Maternal/Child.

Graduated in TX, moved to TN immediately and was hired in ER at a large Heart/Neuro facility. Spent 6 months there before a transfer to WA.

Took a 6 month travel contact in Postpartum at a hospital in CA where I was an OB tech before nursing school. Returned to WA and worked agency in Postpartum. Hired at a hospital for a labor/delivery residency. I am now a labor/delivery nurse. Been here for 8 years and love it!


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Specializes in MICU.

First job....I was a hospice nurse for a private home care agency. Then I switched to community health nursing for a home care agency (Love this job but the paper work and case management aspect can drive you crazy). I also worked at a house of corrections and summer camp for kids with special needs. I will be starting IP med/surg next month for a great hospital in Boston. I was definitely picky when I first graduated. I didn't want to go into psych nursing or a snf/ltc facility. I didn't start working on my bsn right after my adn and that really was a road block for most hospital jobs especially in Boston.


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Graduated in 2001, had job already in adult oncology. Knew when I went to nursing school I was going to do oncology. Was charge RN on inpatient onc unit 4years later. Have gone back and forth between hospice and onc since 2009. Love both equally. Sometimes think about neo-natal. Have above average iv skills, and comfortable with dying process. Am 60 yo now, taking it all one day at a time.


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While a senior in nursing school, I worked for 2months at LA County USC Medical center as a student nurse worker, worked L&D recovery room. That was an EYE OPENING experience! 4 laboring women per room, many on gurneys in the hallway, 4 post partum floors with constant admissions.

After graduation, joined the Army. Worked postpartum/ante partum, often the only nurse on a 32 bed unit with a CNA. Did Army OB/GYN nursing course, the L&D (my dream job). Again, often only RN on 6 bed unit....crazy and scary times! My first civilian job was less stressful (only 2 labor patients at a time? Sweet!). Fast-forward.....Became a CNM.

Starting with doing the hardest, most stressful jobs really prepared me for anything! I've loved every minute of my career, even now caring for medically challenged kids in our school district (to spend the most time with my kids).

I couldn't imagine doing anything else!


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i started out as a wound care nurse 8 years ago. didn't hate it but i didn't love it either, only did it for about 6 months. after that did mostly long term care and acute rehab.a year ago i took a break from floor nursing and have been working for a telemedicine company since then. our doctors/np's help patient get admitted into skilled nursing facilities after they leave the hospital. all this is done via skype!! no direct patient care!!

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