What do you find most rewarding as a nurse?

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What part of being a nurse do find most rewarding? I'm not talking about pay, something more meaningful than that? I am going to start nursing school in September and am very curious to know your answers. :D

Also, what is most challenging?

I am an Oncology nurse. I love bedside nursing, primary nursing- it is all about patient relationship for me.

I usually like my patients and getting to help them during a difficult and painful time of their life. It's particularly rewarding when your patient asks if you'll be back the next day and are then disappointed if you're not. I love all things skilled related (less than 2 yrs as a nurse) and am gaining confidence as my skill set becomes sharper and I can place difficult IV's and Foley's. Oh, and the learning, I am always learning something new and I love that!

I find impossible-to-please patients and their families to be the most challenging. I despise entering a room stuffed with family members watching my every move, questioning every tiny thing I do, complaining about things I have not one tiny bit of control over (where's the dr, your food sucks, its too hot/cold in this room, I dont have a remote, why aren't there more chairs). Or the ones who want their scheduled meds at the exact minute they're due..."these were due at 1 and it's 1:05!" Some days I handle it better than others.

For me, the good far outweighs the bad! Good luck to you!

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